What should proper recording look like?

This article explains the common mistakes in recorded videos. Please follow the instructions below and review the examples to avoid the issues shown in the images.

  • Disable the auto-focus on your camera so that the model and tools are not blurry.

  • Make sure there is enough lighting in the trainer box and the shadow of other items are not visible.

  • Set up the camera angle based on the instructions, so that the model and tools are not out of the camera's view.

  • Record a short video and review it before starting the simulation surgery on the model. This will help you understand if your camera is set up at the right angle. The following example shows the recording is covered by the box or model and the tools are not fully visible.

  • Once you set up the camera based on the instructions, do not zoom in or out on the model.

  • Hands should not be visible in the recorded videos.

  • Choose a surface color that does not match the parts of the model.

  • Record the videos with landscape orientation, because the portrait recorded videos cause data loss and the model is not fully visible to the camera.

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